D&C 33:17 -- The Ten Virgins

Last month for our enrichment night, we listened to a presentation about the 10 virgins painting. It was originally given by the artist, but when she stopped giving the presentation, another woman bought the rights and now shares the artist's thoughts about the painting with others. (Make sense?)

On the back of this card is an explanation of what each of the Virgins represents, but I want to share a little bit more of what I learned.

First of all, the artist decided to depict what she saw as the 5 virtues you need to have to get into heaven, and the five sins that would keep you out. Also, she painted them all as brunettes to avoid stereotypes and show that we are all more alike than we sometimes wish to believe.

The first virgin on the left represents a Christ-like person. She is carrying lilies, palm fronds, and an olive branch in refrence to Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

The second virgin represents repentance and forgiveness. She brings wheat and a pitcher of water to represent the bread and water of the sacrament. She is also draped only in white linen -- what Christ's body was draped in.

The third virgin represents ordinaces and temple work. She is wearing the blue and gold of the priesthood. Also, her cumerbund has four ropes, representing the 4 ordinances we need -- Baptism, gift of Holy Ghost, endowment, and sealing. She carries two doves, one representing the Holy Ghost, the other the Holy Spirit of Promise. The doves look as if they could fly away at any moment. The virgins has to be especially attentive to them.

The fourth virgin represents truth and knowledge/talents. She carries scrolls to learn from and a lyre to develop her talents.

The fifth virgin carries charity to give to others. She literally carries food to share and give as her gift, and is the closest to the foolish virgins because she is most willing to help them. She looks down in humility. Sh also appears to be the only wise virgin actually in movement -- axiously engaged in the doing the work of the kingdom.

The sixth virgin and first follish ones symbolizes pride. She wears a rish crimson robe and many gaudy jewels. Yet she only brings a small gold box for the bridegroom.

The seventh virgin is the sins and pleasures of the world. She brings a huge vat of wine, and wears her dress immodestly off the shoulder and baring cleavage.

The eigth virgin very obviously symbolizes the addictions and excess in the world. She is overweight and brings a pig's head. (Isn't the pig unkosher?) Her face is earily similar to that of the pig's.

The ninth virgin is one you barely see. She represents dark works and idol worshipping. Her lamp and clothes are the dimmest of all because she wants to hide what she does. She wears a mystic jewel on her forehead, and brings an idol of a goat as her gift.

The tenth virgin symbolizes unrighteous power and adn ego. She wears the green of money and envy. She is adorned with a large headress and brings a scepter (either as a gift or reminder of her power?) and her face exudes pompousness.

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