What should I read? What are you reading?

I'm feeling a bit stagnant, just reading D&C cover to cover. Do you have a favorite section you want to talk about? A topic that's been on your mind lately?

I need some ideas.


Lolli said...

I've been reading cover to cover, too, and not getting "much" out of it. I feel bad saying that! I was thinking about pulling out one of my study guides from college.

I personally need to work on reaching out, serving others, and serving in the church )I was recently released from a BIG calling and I'm feeling stagnant at church).

McEwens said...

The Doctrine and Covenants is hard to just read, when you read about the Shakers, kind of fun to read about what they believed, that adds insights. Section 93 is amazing, it is one of the three places that talk about seeing God in this life. Section 76 is awesome. The thing with this book, is ya gotta dig deep for the gold.