The Book of Revelation revealed

D&C 77 is Joseph Smith asking questions about the Book of Revelation. You'd think this section would be pretty straight forward, but I actually had a lot of questions about the answers. Let me just say again, I'm so glad I found my husband's D&C study guide!!

Refering to the seals, and each seal representing 1000 years or a 'day' in the Lord's time, 'Whitney' (it only gives a last name. Newel? Orson?) says that, "these 7 days do not include the period of our planet's creation and preparation as a swelling place for man." So it's okay that dinosaurs were here 150 million years ago. :o)

There's a lot that's going to happen before Christ comes to reign. The temple built in Jackson County (something I'm particularly excited about), Christ coming to that temple, the two witnesses slain in Jerusalem who will rise after 3 days.....yes, lots to happen.

**I've been reading this section since Monday, and just haven't posted about it. But there are some good sections coming up I hope I can get excited about.

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