D&C 61

In the beginning, God blessed the waters. But through John the Beloved, he cursed them in the last days.

"Wherefore, the days will come that no flesh shall be safe upon the waters," v. 15

I don't think I caught that before.

In the days of Adam, God cursed the land, but in the last days he has blessed it that we may "partake the fatness thereof," v.17

In this section God is very specific about some of the commands he issues -- when it's safe to travel on water, where to preach -- but about other things, He says just to do as "seemeth [them] good, it mattereth not to me."

I think this can easily be directly applied to our lives. Sometimes, God has very specific things He needs us to do. Other times, it doesn't matter so much. He trusts our judgement.

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