A Walk with Christ Day 3

A Walk With Christ - Day 3
"Mary - Blessed Art Thou Among Women"

Make a commitment with the Lord to be more worthy. Be specific in what you want to repent ofr change in your life. Adopt the motto "I can do hard things."

"Teach Me to Walk in the Light" Hymn #304
"Mary Lullaby" Children's Songbook" #44

Luke 1:28

Mary was found "Worthy to be the mother of Jesus.
1. What were her qualifications to be the mother of Christ?
2. What did the Lord look for in the mother of Christ?

Do you remember what you felt as you gazed into the eyes of a newborn baby? How clean and so pure and so recently from heaven. Just as Mary gazed into her baby's eyes, we can identify with her thoughts and prayers for her little son. We want to teach our children to become worthy to remain clean and pure and to make right choices.
Luke 2:51-56 Mary taught Jesus as a young boy to walk in the light. In the Ensign Nov. 2006, Look Toward Eternity - Elaine S. Dalton writes; Each one of us need to feel and know the importance of living a worthy and pure life. It is our personal worthiness that will qualify us to fulfill our individual earthly missions

1. Choose one thing that will help you be more worthy. Make a plan and ask Heavenly Father to help you. Be specific and pray and repent.
2. Teach your children to choose to be worthy. Ask them what Mary might teach Jesus when he was a boy.
3. List the qualities of Mary. What would God look for in a mother for Jesus? (read Luke 1,2)
4. Read Elaine S. Dalton's article in the Ensign and choose to help a mother with a newborn baby by having your family do something for them. "They shall walk with me in white, for they are worthy," Elaine S. Dalton. Talk with your children and make this your slogan for the family.

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