Personal Progress

I confess that I haven't been great about having my own personal scripture study lately. But I have been good at doing it with my kids. Every weekday since the beginning of the year, we've read scriptures over breakfast. We pull out the new Gospel Art Kit books, pick a picture, and I tell them the story about it. Ammon and Captain Moroni are almost always chosen, but I usually get to sneak in another story as well.

I just hope that I can keep this habit up once the baby comes! I worked hard to establish this as a habit for that very reason -- I knew I needed to start it now rather than later.

I've also been able to keep a fairly clean house since that time. It's kind of embarrassing that that's a big accomplishment, but it is. We deep cleaned all the bedrooms at the beginning of the year and I've been working hard to "maintain" ever since. I've made beds every day (!) and kept the floors clean. I try hard to make sure the kitchen counter is wiped off at least once a day and the kitchen table kept free of clutter.

I love the feeling that it brings to our home. It's so much more peaceful, and walking into the bedrooms doesn't fill me with dread.

We have a new Relief Society presidency and they have introduced a theme for RS for the year. It's D&C 88:119:

"Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; and establish a house; even a house of PRAYER, a house of FASTING, a house of FAITH, a house of LEARNING, a house of GLORY, a house of ORDER, a house of GOD."

I am so excited about this. They will be addressing the theme on the first Sunday of every month. I'm anxious to think about/learn/discuss ways to make my home more like a temple.

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