D&C 45

better late than never

"Signs of the Times"

v. 26 "...they shall say that Christ delayeth his coming until the end of the earth." This isn't a sign I've really considered before. But it's definately happening. Those who believe Christ will come again believe that it will in fact be the end of the earth.

v. 31 "...a desolating sickness shall cover the land." Do you think we've seen this? Do you think it will be one illness, or sickness in general?

vs. 40-42 "The shall see signs and wonders, for they shall be shown forth in the heavens aboce, and in the earth beneath. And they shall behold blood, and fire, and vapors of smoke. And before the day of the Lord shall come, the sun shall be darkened, and the moon be turned to blood, and the stars fall from heaven."

Have we seen any of this? Will the blood, fire and vapors of smoke be in the heavens or the earth? Is the sun darkening a solar eclipse? Is a harvest moon (I think that's what it's called) the same as the moon turning to blood? Are comets the falling stars? Or is it something more? Or both?

v. 58 "And the earth shall be given unto them for an inheritance; and they shall multiply and wax strong, and their children shall grow up without sin unto salvation." How utterly awesome is this? I honestly can't imagine a world where my children could grow up without sin. I think my only concern is.....how are they going to grow and get strong if they are not tempted by anything? If I understand correctly, there will be no death at this time. I think some will get "twinkled," but for those who grow up during the millenium, they will not die. They'll live for the thousand years, then fight in the final battle against Satan? Am I right? I guess 1000 years is a long time to solidify their testimonies. =D

vs. 68-69 "...every man that will not take his sword against his neighbor must needs flee unto Zion for safety. And there shall be gathered unti it out of every nation under heaven; and it shall be the only people that shall not be at war one with another."

Um......sounds like we all need to get to Jackson County. I don't think I'll ever want to take up my sword against my neighbor. Might as well move there while property values are low!!

p.s. Pam -- we don't have that book. :(


McEwens said...

Hey you! K, I dont have as much time as I would like today. But let me help you out on some questions. With regards to VS 40-42. The moon to blood. We tend to think future event here. However in General Conference OCT 2001 Pres Hinkley declared that the vision of Joel has been fulfilled .. then quotes Joel 2 28-32. Wherein they speak of the sun and such. Look up the reference.

58. The Mil is like unto 4th Nephi. You will have children grow up, Satan is bound, when they turn 100. They will be twinkled, Test over, They are no going to be retested when Satan is loosed. It is like unto a child, that dies before 8. Test over. They wont be retested. After the Mil, satan will be loosed. and for a season, he will gather his forces to fight the righteous. I love how it plays out, you see that in the book of rev. They (evil ones) circle round the righteous, and then poof, fire from heaven game over!

I think (me here) that the scourages are still happening, and will continue to do so.

tammy said...

I like McEwens insight here. I

I also tend to think that their are many sicknesses that will be and have been going on for a long time now.