A revelation for Hyrum

We should:

• Seek not for riches, but for wisdom. When we are wise, the mysteries of God will be unfolded to us, which will in turn make us wise. (Isn't it nice the way it works out?!)
• Desire that which it righteous. If we have righteous desires and ask for them in faith, truly believing they will be granted unto us, God will grant them. (He tells Hyrum this in 2 different verses.)
• Cleave unto God with all our heart. I once heard cleaving described as something that was divided in two, but coming back together. (Just looked it up in Webster's. Not mentioned there, but it did say,"adhere" and "cling. I like the thought of clinging to God.)

The message of D&C 11 to Hyrum seems to be, "Wait. Study. The time will come."

I have to wonder if this is an answer for me. Or just a coincidence? I tend to think there aren't a lot of coincidences when it comes to God. But I've been waiting over a year for my husband to be ready to have a baby. And 6 months about the fostering thing. How much longer?

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Tink said...

Great thoughts! I waited 7 years for my husband to be ready for another baby. Often times when I prayed the answer was not no but "now's not the time." Thanks for sharing.