D&C 10

My favorite thing that I learned from this section came from v. 4. "Do not run faster or labor more than you have strength and means provided........but be diligent to the end."

My husband's not a big fan of this scripture because he thinks too many people use it as an excuse not to do enough or anything at all. His exact response this morning was, "But God will not ask you to do anything you aren't able to."

Which is true. But sometimes we feel the need to do all that God has asked us and 3 times more.

But this morning, an analogy came to me that I may or may not have heard before. I think it's 'cuz Sher has talked alot about running lately, but I thought of marathon runners. They can't sprint the whole way -- they'd never make it (ENDURE) to the end. They have to pace theirselves.

Of course they don't walk the whole way -- it's still a race. Most marathon runners don't enter races to win, but to beat their own personal best. To do their best. There are times that they sprint, and times that they slow down a bit. The trails generally have ups and downs. And there are plenty of people along the way to give nourishment. You can run with others and gain strength in numbers. (The gospel analogies just keep coming to me!!)

I personally don't think I'm doing my best. Right now I feel like I'm speed-walking, or even slowly jogging (since I hear that burns less calories.) I could definately pick up the pace. I need to be a better mother and teacher to my children.


It shouldn't surprise me to learn of God's omniscence. But when I read that God knew way back when Mormon was abridging the plates that the Book of Lehi would be lost to the hands of evil men, I thought, "Wow. He knew way back then, huh?"

Of course He knew. He's God. Duh.

So He made contingency plans through Mormon. Mormon abridged the Book of Lehi, which from what I understand told more of the ruling of the people and wars with the Lamanites. Then he did the Book of Nephi, which God says "throws greater views upon [the] gospel," v. 45 Mormon wasn't sure at the time why he was doing it, but knew it was "for a wise purpose" in God. (Words of Mormon 1:7)

I guess God really does know what He's doing.

Satan did not want the Restoration to happen. He wanted to nip it in the bud. I imagine that, combined with God wanting to test His people, is why the early Church faced so many challenges.


The end of the section talks about the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. V. 47 tells us that God brought forth the BOM because of the faith and prayers of those who asked that it might. (Mormon, Moroni, Nephi? and all others who asked that the record would be preserved for the Lamanites.)

That's the power of prayer for you.

These same great men left blessing on the people who dwelt in America. That those who believed in the gospel might have eternal life -- that the gospel might be free to all. And now the Church is so strong on both American continents.



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Lolli said...

I love your running/marathon analogy! I've never heard it put like that, and it is SO true! I feel similar to you, I think. I'm joggin along--reading my scriptures, doing my calling, having FHE, etc, but I don't feel like I'm putting into it as much as I should. I could be doing so much better. Thanks for the morning motivation to do better--at least for today.