Starting anew

General Conference this past weekend has given me a new desire to do better with family scripture study. It doesn't have to be long -- it just has to be consistent.

This morning, I read the scripture in D&C about going to bed early since the kids have been struggling with bedtime. (I made my oldest do chores last night when he wasn't tired enough for bed. Con: He went to bed after 9:30. Pro: my laundry and dishes were put away!)

So. That's today. Read one pertinent verse, discuss. Pray.

I hope someone reads this so I feel accountable to post tomorrow.


Michaela Stephens said...

Good girl!

Wendy said...

At least you can see the pro's and cons of certain behaviors. Now if we can just figure out how to have a Win/win situation for everyone.

Thanks for setting an example.